The Tree Wonders Life and Executive Coaching aspires to bring out your personal best and to support you in achieving more of what is important to you. We believe that you can grow stronger, happier and lead increasingly fulfilled lives. You in turn, can contribute your goodness and wonders to your community; like how the trees grow and support their ecosystem in their own unique way.

The Tree Wonders

Why ‘Tree’?

A Tree is often regarded as a symbol of resilience. It also contributes in multiple ways, numerous of which we take for granted:

  • Provide oxygen for our survival
  • Provide shade and a cool environment
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Provide nectar for beautiful butterflies, bees, and insects
  • Bear fruits for humans and animals consumption
  • Old branches and trunk become sturdy houses, furniture, and source of nutrition for other plants
  • Form a beautiful landscape in our environment

Why ‘Wonders’?

Both Human and Tree grow in their own unique way, and they contribute to the community in one way or another.

Growing up is a wonder. Exploring what one can do is a wonder. Doing more of what is important makes all of us to be wonderful and meaningful for the world we live in.