PEH Puay Eng is a Life and Executive Coach (PCC) who accelerates Leader’s career growth (specialized in IT industry)

Puay Eng has 20+ years of experience in delivering global business results and leading the IT industry with innovative technology and capability.

She enjoys developing talents and bringing out the best in them. Her goal is to continue developing a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by IT leaders.
For the coming years, she would like to continue having the opportunity to ignite the light bulbs in leaders, accelerate their transformation and support them in achieving more of what is important to them in life.

Puay Eng decided to become a coach after experiencing first-hand the power of coaching. This prompted her to pay forward and inspire more youths and high potential employees to realize their potential, becoming more resilient, improving well-being, and leading increasingly fulfilled lives. Her strong interest in Learning and Development (L&D) also drives her to be involved in activities that relate to L&D, including developing, delivering, organizing, and coordinating training programmes. She has coached professionals from various industries such as Information Technology (IT), Electronics, Healthcare, Shipping and Logistics, Social Service, and Education.

Puay Eng’s experience and expertise are accumulated through 30+ years of working in multiple organizations, such as The Tree Wonders, Microsoft, NEC, Compaq, Northern Telecom and Republic of Singapore Air Force. She served as a Principal Manager in strategizing, setting bold vision, leading and developing global teams through coaching, planning, executing, and delivering exceptional business results; as a Service Manager in leading customer intimacy effort and driving improvements in customer experience for Information Technology (IT) services; as a Regional Manager in business development and built up the professional services of the sales and support team; as a Product Trainer in delivering product training and increasing engineers’ expertise and qualifications; as an Engineer in design, deliver and support global telecommunication systems and contact centre solutions.

Across a diverse set of work experience, Puay Eng is known for being tenacious, equipped with readiness to take on big challenges, trustworthy in delivering business results globally, and passion in coaching and nurturing team members.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, teaching, coaching, mentoring, hiking in mountainous terrain and contributing to the community through volunteering work.

Puay Eng holds an Electronics Engineering degree with National University of Singapore. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), certified Breakthrough Coach, and graduated from Corporate Coach U, Inc. She is also an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) certified trainer and continues to attend self-development courses so to expand her horizon and perspectives.

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Professional Certified Coach
Breakthrough Coach Certification
Corporate Coach U Graduate
Coach U Core Essentials Graduate


Aditi Saxena, Biotechnology student at Shoolini University, October 23, 2022:
“Life always demands newness. Newness cannot come without change and change is not always comfortable. Being an introvert, I always had a hard time dealing with social issues. Also, overthinking made me anxious and vulnerable. However, things started to change when I took coaching sessions. I was able to identify my patterns and connect them with my issues in more depth.
Moreover, I got clarity about everything in my life in the best way possible. I am now moving towards my betterment with a newfound awareness and excitement! I owe it to my coach, Ms. Puay Eng Peh. She is extremely kind, empathetic, and a great human being. She has helped me realize things I was aware of but didn’t accept. I would also like to thank Shoolini University for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much positivity!”

Ankita Sharma, M.Tech student in Biotechnology at Shoolini University, Solan, HP, India, December 14, 2021:
Puay Eng is someone who is not only my coach but also my “LIVING HUMAN DIARY”. Before her I had never been so frank and confident but after started taking sessions under her I had started observing tremendous change inside of me. I am seeing best version of me every day and I am falling in love with self-more and more. Puay Eng is always patient with me throughout every session.  She is smart, beautiful, graceful, and very understanding person. Because of her I had discovered gem things about me, and I always feel so lucky that I got a chance to experience these coaching sessions under Puay Eng.”

Ega Antonia, Client Manager, December 21, 2020:
“It has been 6 months since I was first approached by Puay Eng to talk about Life Coaching. I went from having sceptical initial view of Life Coaching to reaping benefits time and time from every single Life Coaching session that I have gone through with Puay Eng. With her patience, focus and determination, Puay Eng really is a great Coach to accompany you to tide through any ups/ downs in life. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Puay Eng, both as a friend and as a coach. For anyone who wishes to understand deeper about your life, Puay Eng is definitely the right coach for you to be in touch with.”

Anahat Kahlon, Product Associate , The/Nudge Foundation, April 05, 2017:
“Its been wonderful working with Puay since October. She has always been consistent with her check-ins with me. By asking me the right questions, she has transformed my life. I have seen myself grow both on the personal and professional front. I have also got into the habit of regular reflection which has helped me declutter and reorganise my life. The concept of coaching was alien to me when I joined Puay. After I joined her, I myself have taken a certificate course in coaching & have referred a few friends to her as well. Puay has a cheerful aura & I feel comfortable talking to her about everything.  I recommend Puay, to anyone wishing to change anything about their life. You, obviously need to do your bit as well to see the change!”

Swarnava Gupta, Fellow at Teach For India, June 06, 2016:
“Today I am still continuing the APAC coaching call with Puay and its has been the incredible. “A lot of times I told her that I had a great conversation with her clarifying my thoughts and building more confidence to articulate my opinions. Puay, I would like to appreciate you once again for the time you have spent with me. There has been a couple of time when we had to postpone our calls but you were always very patient and hopeful. I was confused between coaching and mentoring and I always wanted a mentor for myself than a coach, so initially I was very apprehensive but later I realized the importance of coaching, understood its long term impact. It is very inspirational and helped me reflect on my core experiences. There was a lot of time that you challenged my thinking, provoked my emotions, and left me with questions to introspect but all of that led to me being a better me today. To me you had own the program the same way like how I did. I actually felt every time that I was your close friend sharing my deepest secret with you without any fear or hesitation. Puay you asked me many insightful questions and gave me the time and space to think and allowed me to be myself completely. I never wanted to end the coaching call and hence I was keen on taking up the paid services, however I was shocked when you asked me to pay you in the form of multiplying impact. For me you truly are a rock star and would love to continue having those meaningful conversations with you developing the professional and personal me.”

Tan Chee Ming, Senior Service Engineer at Microsoft, February 04, 2016:
“Our global team attended a 2 hours coaching session with Puay Eng and has greatly benefited from the session. Puay Eng is highly energized and brings a lot of positive energy to the session. Her willingness to share her personal experience created a conducive environment for more personal and in depth sharing among the team. Puay Eng is very passionate about coaching and helping our team to grow professionally and personally. Her wealth of experience, together with her past experience as a manager provides diverse and valuable perspectives. This is more than what we have asked for and exceeded our expectation. We highly recommend Puay Eng.”

Youths from Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre, May 2015:
“Coaching has allowed me to understand and identify the root of my problems and allow me to come up with suitable solution. I have achieved positive outcome.”

“This coaching has make me a better person and to remember my dreams.”

“The greatest benefit of coaching has brought me is not to easily give up in life.”

“Learning more about myself than before and having a better life style.”

“Finding and moulding my strength to the fullest enabling me to reach more than I had known/done before. It has improved my life story. I became the better me.”

“I have achieved setting goals for myself for the future and I have learned that I am the one who take 100% responsibility of my life.”

“The Coach managed to find my problems and allowed me to think and suggest solutions for my own problem. Basically, she did not just gave me a fish, but she taught me how to fish.”

“Understanding my situation and make me think from different perspective. She did not answer my problems but made me answer them myself.”

“In realising that I have the potential and discovering that there are opportunities for me.”

“I would really recommend to other youths as it is very beneficial. She not only helped me set a goal in life, but tell me how to achieve it.”

Li Duye, Service Engineer at Microsoft, March 3, 2015:
“Puay Eng significantly helped me grow both in work and life thru her coaching series.  She had a successful career in multinational companies (MNC) before she became a professional coach so she has a rich experience in hiring, coaching and mentoring members in MNCs to form and develop a performing team.  She is a resourceful coach for clients who have career aspirations in such companies.  However she is also conscious of the importance of finding the self inner truth of her clients; where she carefully leads her clients to listen to their inner voice, interests, aspiration, and visions, “following half a step behind”.  By doing this, she fosters a supportive change atmosphere so that her clients can feel safe and encouraged to make positive changes.  This way she boosts the client’s self-esteem, confidence and strength in pursuing meaningful career and life unique to the individuals.  I sincerely recommend her to anyone who is passionate in growing his/her capabilities and competencies in work and life.”

Jasadee Kedjarune, Manager Strategic Sourcing at Microsoft, October 31, 2014:
“Puay Eng is someone who got it when it comes to people development. To her, building great products starts with building great team. She take great pride in seeing her team grows. Result speaks for itself, her team continue to rake in achievements.”

Cheng Wee Meng, Headhunting consultant, October 24, 2014:
“I’ve known Puay Eng for more than a decade already since Compaq. She is still the bubbly, energetic lady after all these years. With her energy and enthusiasm, she completes all her task and overcomes obstacles easily. It is with her positive outlook on life that she makes a real difference to all those around her!”

Nathan Carson, Service Manager at NCS – National Communications Services, Inc – Bellevue, WA, September 30, 2014:
“I highly recommend Puay Eng Peh for her extraordinary coaching abilities. She has lifted tremendous roadblocks for me over the years and has provided me extremely valuable insight.
As of lately she has been coaching me through her new company Tree Wonders and the time spent with her has been truly invaluable. She doesn’t simply provide you solutions, or free advice. She unlocks your mind, provides life lessons for future guidance and makes you into an independent free thinking success story.
Never have I felt more excited and energized to take on life and push myself farther than I thought I could reach. I am truly grateful to know Puay Eng personally and professionally. Her skills are truly unique and invaluable. Thank you Puay Eng for everything you do!”

Mark Achzenick, Vice President of IT Innovation and Support at Unify Square Inc, May 24, 2014:
“Puay Eng demonstrated strong leadership, passion, technical aptitude and flexibility that allowed her to deliver successful programs and services that required diverse teams to align behind efforts that had failed to be achieved in previous attempts. She cares about the people as well as the objective and never missed an opportunity to recognize others.”